Keyword: Lihat Semua
No. Keyword Description
61. Clear The process by which a clearinghouse maintains records of all trades and settles margin flow on a daily mark-to-market basis for its clearing member.
62. Clearing The procedure through which the clearing house or association becomes buyer to each seller of a futures contract, and seller to each buyer, and assumes responsibility for protecting buyers and sellers from financial loss by assuring performance on each contract.
63. Clearing Corporation An independent corporation that settles all trades made at the Jakarta Futures Exchange acting as a guarantor for all trades cleared by it, reconciles all clearing member firm accounts each day to ensure that all gains have been credited and all.
64. Clearing Margin Financial safeguards to ensure that clearing members (usually companies or corporations) perform on their customers' open futures and options contracts.
65. Clearing Member A member of the Clearing House or Association. All trades of a non-clearing member must be registered and eventually settled through a clearing member.
66. Clearing Price See Settlement Price.
67. Clearinghouse An agency or separate corporation of a futures exchange that is responsible for settling trading accounts, clearing trades, collecting and maintaining margin.
68. Close end Funds Managed investment which is listed on the stock exchange. The price of its shares will be determined according to demand and supply.
69. Close Out To trade an equal and opposite futures transaction to that already held. See also offset.
70. Close, The The period at the end of the trading Session officially designated by the exchange during which all transactions are considered made "at the close ".
71. Closing Price Price of the last trade on an particular day for specific security.
72. Closing Price See Settlement Price.
73. Closing Purchase A purchase of an option to eliminate or reduce a short options position.
74. Closing Range A range of prices at which buy and sell transactions took place during the market close.
75. Closing-Out Liquidating an existing long or short futures or option position with an equal and opposite transaction. Also known as Offset.
76. Coincident Indicator An economic indicator that reflects changes in the economy. The index of industrial production and retail sales are both coincident indicators.
77. Collar A contract between a borrower and a lender whereby the borrower will not have to pay more than some maximum interest rate on the borrowed funds, and whereby the lender is assured of receiving some minimum interest rate on the funds lent.
78. Collateral A general term used in the market for the value of any borrowed funds.
79. Combination Puts and calls held either long or short with different strike prices and expirations.
80. Commercial An entity involved in the production, processing, or merchandising of a commodity.