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81. Commercial Grain Stocks Domestic grain in store in public and private elevators at important markets and grain afloat in vessels or barges in harbors of lakes and seaboard ports.
82. Commercial Paper Short-term promissory notes issued in bearer form by large corporations, with maturities ranging from 5 to 270 days. Since the notes are unsecured, large corporations with impeccable credit ratings generally dominate the commercial paper market.
83. Commission The charge made by a commission house for buying and selling commodities.
84. Commission Fee A fee charged by a broker for executing a transaction. Also referred to as brokerage fee.
85. Commitment A trader is said to have a "commitment" when he assumes the obligation to accept or make delivery on a futures contract.
86. Commitments See Open Interest.
87. Commodity Credit Corporation A government-owned corporation established in 1933 to assist American agriculture. Major operations include price support programs, foreign sales, and export credit programs for agricultural commodities.
88. Commodity Exchange Authority A regulatory agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture established to administer the Commodity Exchange Act prior to 1975; the forerunner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
89. Commodity Exchange Commission A commission consisting of the Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Commerce, and the Attorney General, charged with responsibility for administering the Commodity Exchange Act prior to 1975.
90. Commodity Fund An investment pool, observed as a limited partnership, formed to speculate in commodity futures and options. Participants (investors) will have their original investment increased or reduced by their proportional share of income and trading profits or expenses and trading losses.
91. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) The Federal regulatory agency established by the CFTC Act of 1974 to administer the Commodity Exchange Act.
92. Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) Individuals or firms in businesses similar to investment trusts or syndicates that solicit or accept funds, securities or property for the purpose of trading commodity futures contracts or commodity options.
93. Commodity Price Index Index or average, which may be weighted, of selected commodity prices, intended to be representative of the markets in general or a specific subset of commodities (for example, grains or livestock).
94. Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) Individuals or firms that, for pay, issue analyses or reports concerning commodities, including the advisability of trading in commodity futures or options.
95. Commodity-linked Bond A bond in which payment to the investor is dependent on the price level of such commodities as crude oil, gold, or silver at maturity.
96. Competitive Trader A person who owns a seat on an exchange and uses it to trade for his own account.
97. Condor The sale (purchase) of two options with consecutive exercise prices, together with the purchase (sale) of one option with an immediately lower exercise price and one option with an immediately higher exercise price. All options must be of the same type, have the same underlying and expire at the same time.
98. Confirmation A written report giving details of the trade to the customer or the other broker/dealer involved in the trade. Confirmations must be sent the next business day after the trade.
99. Congestion 1) A market situation in which shorts attempting to cover their positions are unable to find an adequate supply of contracts provided by longs willing to liquidate or by new sellers willing to enter the market, except at sharply higher prices; (2) in technical analysis, a period of time characterized by repetitious and limited price fluctuations.
100. Consignment A shipment made by a producer or dealer to an agent elsewhere with the understanding that the commodities in question will be cared for or sold at the highest obtainable price. Title to the merchandise shipped on consignment rests with the shipper until the goods are disposed of according to agreement.